Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tall fair stranger...

   Creeeeak TAPity-TAP-Thud, the screen door chattered behind me.

The air outside was cold...not bitterly cold, but the kind of cold that flushes cheeks, sparkles eyes and mists breath, so that anyone walking about in it has a sort of forced, hassled-cherub look.

My sneakers patted along the pavement, I used one sleeve covered hand to tug on the strings of my hoodie, nestling my ears against the thick, heavy, cotton.

Rounding the corner, I saw a figure approaching, silhouetted in the light morning clear.

Instantly,  by the stranger's coloring, demeanor and stature, I was reminded of my good friend B.R. He got married the summer before last - beautiful wedding to a sweet girl. He's a really good guy; fun to be around, handsome, and just generally wholesome (though he can swear readily and well, despite his cheery nature).

   "I miss B.R." I thought casually to myself. It felt forever since his wedding (at which my friends K, M and I had a fabulous time. I swing danced and hung out with B.R.'s amazing uncle a lot of the time too).

The gentleman approaching (and I say gentleman because that's definitely what I consider B.R. to be, and this guy was echoing loudly of him) was wearing a khaki coat, a yellow-green-ish scarf, jeans, leather shoes, and carrying a messenger satchel. His light sandy coloured hair was being blown gently in the wind, reflecting gold, and a blue button-down, striped shirt was peaking out from beneath his wrappings. Perfectly pink flushed cheeks against the pale of his skin,  gave him quite a youthful, angelic appearance.

He was attractive; in a graduate student, tall, intelligent, pure and energetic sort of way. Definitely not a 'bad boy,' style, unless I missed something.

His eyes were bright green and twinkling as we prepared to cross-paths on the sidewalk.

   "Hello," he said lightly, with the gentle suggestion of embarrassment and a quickly hiding smile.

   "Morning," I said softly back, grinning at him. I was most likely looking like a cross between a bag lady and a cheshire cat, with my hair wispy around my face from the wind, my cheeks framed by my hoodie and encircled with my purple-plaid scarf.

Maybe I should dress up more for my early morning excursions... he certainly looked put together. We were both carrying the trade-mark first (or perhaps second) cup of coffee (or maybe it was tea, who knows. He could be an English Breakfast or Prince of Wales -- my favorite black tea-- type of guy). He seemed as though he was in a hurry, but would've normally enjoyed a chat with a perfect stranger on a sidewalk.

   People are fascinating to me. Every once in a while, you meet someone new who reminds you of someone you already know; someone from your past. You then begin to have multiple associations towards these two people; you like the new one because they echo the old one, of whom you have fond memories and past experiences with.

This guy I passed this morning on my jaunt is probably absolutely nothing akin to the way he's being painted in my head.

However, since I'm probably not going to run into him again (though, who knows) I'll never find out, and thus I feel safe in my assessment and projection onto him.

Perhaps I'm wrong and we'll have coffee and become friends and discuss our significant others over hot beverages... but I doubt it.

Anyway, I think that we attract energies in our lives; we are drawn to people with one or more vibrations that we need. We feel happy and warm and comfortable around them. Conversely, there are people we attract who exist to teach us something, and not all lessons are easy and pleasant, but we all move in cycles in our lives. I think we'll keep repeating our patterns until we learn to change what truth we're believing, performing, assuming or ignoring about ourselves and our actions and reactions.

Now, I'm going to go have cake and tea for breakfast.


  1. What does it mean that I always attract the homeless and insane (it's always both, not one or the other)? I need to work on my vibes so I get more graduate student type strangers talking to me.

  2. I'm not sure L, I think perhaps it means you have an open-mind and a kind, compassionate way about you. Maybe we can prep-ify your vibe so that you can attract the homeless, nutters in Boulder who will at least share their ipod playlists with you. ;-) You ROCK my socks.