Monday, December 15, 2014

The Time It Takes

How long does it take, to take a breath;
To say the thing you need to?
How long does it take, to make the time;
To work on the love you must do?

How long do we have, to get it right;
This life that one is leading?
How long do we have, to fight the fight;
To save what we hold too dearly?

How long is a second of agony?
Far quicker than one of joy.
How long is a second of ecstasy?
Too fleeting to play too coy.

The second of hesitation tells;
The longing behind held breath.
The second of glancing away to the left,
The withheld truth, a heart bereft.

There's nothing that I fear more than this;
To be misunderstood and miss our last kiss.

How long does it take to state your truth?

It takes the time it takes.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Hooray Halloween... and not getting to decorate on account of having sold our little vernacular victorian and moving in (temporarily) with my Mother In Law (THANKS B for putting up with us) and for J applying for the jobs he really, REALLY wanted (HOORAAAAY)!


Hoooooray for little S turning 1 year old (and for myself 31), and for getting to move into our next adventure -- The Burrow (a multigenerational home) and for J GETTING the dream job! HOORAY!!!

Now, I am hopefully getting a new computer (hence the lack of posting -- sharing is difficult) and since I haven't purchased a new computer since 2003 (yes... I love my ole' glorified typewriter who is no longer internet-savvy) this is a BIG FUN DEAL and shall lead to a revival of MWMWL.

I leave you with this:

The wind blows the leaves through the dust of the trees,
The light in the morning burns red.

It's clear from the things that are sought in our dreams,
'We'll manifest destiny,' spreads.

The cold comes, alights, and whispers through nights,
We snuggle all cozy and warm.

Give Thanks and receive from the barest of deeds,
Ye olde' circle completes with the storm.