Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Stages of Potty Training:

1) Denial.

"NO! NO, I don't need the potty! I want a diaper! NoooooOOOOOOOOOOO!"

2) Anger.

"The BABY gets to wear diapers. Why can't I wear them! I HATE THE POTTY!"

3) Bargaining.

"I want ice cream BEFORE I sit on the potty, not after. Can I have marshmallows if I poop? I promise I'll only tell you I have to go, if I get marshmallows."

4) Depression.

"I don't want to use the potty any more. The potty makes me sad. There's a monster in the bathroom."

5) Acceptance.

"I used the potty! HOORAY! I'm a BIG BOY! The potty is fun!"

6) Exploitation.

"I want MORE ice cream. I want it BEFORE AND AFTER I use the potty. You want me to keep going on the potty, right?"

7) Hilarity.

"HAHAHAHAHA! I POOPED! I pooped IN the potty! HEEEEE! POOOOP! I can poop and pee IN THE POTTY! MWAHAHAHAHA!"


I may elaborate later, but... you get it, right?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gone Too Long, But Not Back Too Soon. ;-)

I vow to return,
In full swing to write,
For all of my passion,
With a future full bright.

I've been gone too long,
I've missed so much, this,
My outlet, my space,
While my fingers type; bliss.

It's as such, a commitment,
Reaffirmed to the max,
Writing here in my place,
My home library stacks.

Today ends with a list,
Just to hint at what's passed,
"I Feel Pretty," my mantra,
"Take good care," master class.

Green smoothies and sleep,
H2O and long books,
Experiments in femininity,
and new looks.

Thus begins a new chapter,
My two boys feature too,
Maine Coon Cats and cooking,
Some things old and some new.

Let there be recipes!
Also poems and stories,
Perhaps I'll post from my books,
Singing out former glories.

If you've read me or not,
Whether returning, or fresh,
I shall thicken the plot,
Serve my utmost and best.

Take my proverbial hand,
As we wade through tall grass,
Dive down deep in the ocean,
Laugh, but still maintain class.

Fond remembrances glow,
Painted here with my pen,
Find yourself in the know,
Life flows easy, ye ken?

Ideas bursting out,
As a wave upon shore,
Crashing thither about,
Rolling back, forward more.

Fingers on the pulse,
Heart beating the dance,
Wide open and breathless,
Here we go, take a chance!


Mini Update:

-Baby boy #2 is 5 months old today! :-D

-My sweet J had a birthday two days ago.

-Postpartum the second time round has been MUCH better for me.

-We've finally moved in upstairs, but the unpacking continues.

-Our dream kitchen is finished, hooray for Soapstone countertops, Big Chill appliances, white subway tile and quarter sawn oak.

-My almost 2 year old looks like a 4 year old, acts like a 5 year old and is a wise, wise child, but I worry about him wearing his heart on his sleeve (like myself) in a world such as this.

-Current goals include: Letter writing via typewriter, finishing my books, painting a mural in my home office, daily meditation, book reading, record listening, dancing, cooking and singing.