Monday, February 4, 2019

It's Always the Little Moments...

Lily James singing ABBA's "Andante, Andante," flows softly from the hi-fi speakers:
"Take it easy with me, please. 
Touch me gently, like a summer evening breeze, 
Take your time, make it slow. 
Andante, Andante, 
Just let the feeling grow....
Make your fingers, soft and light. 
Let your body, be the velvet of the night. 
Touch my soul, you know how. 
Andante, Andante, 
Go slowly with me now..."

His feet are propped up on the rolled arm of the sofa, crossed at the ankles; his long body drapes languidly across the cushions. 
His head is tilted down to read the book palmed in one hand, while the other tugs at his beard in a gesture of deep thought, twirling and lightly fraying the ends.  
A cup of tea with swirls and halos of steam sits untouched on the table by his shoulder.
Dark curls frame his forehead.
 Black glasses slip down his nose, encircling hazel eyes, reflecting green and gold because of the vine color of the couch and the brown wool sweater he's wearing.
He smiles to himself, lost in thought. 
The fire blazing in the tiled fireplace crackles and pops; familiar and comforting sounds to my ears.
I stare at him a moment more, before grinning myself, and attempting to resume focus on the novel in my lap. 
I am so happy that we found each other, and I tell him so frequently. 
He reminds me daily that he feels as lucky as I do.
We have been through so many things over the past 9 years together.
I know we have many more to embark on, but in this moment, as our anniversary approaches, I am more than content to soak up this particular scene.
To sip my tea, and drink in the atmosphere of a comfortable silence, in a cozy room.
The world continues turning outside, but right now, I feel peace.
I hear quiet.
I feel love.