Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Note to Self...

Dear Self,

I know you've been frustrated lately -- having no patience with others or yourself is a dangerous situation to be in.

I hope that you are working on self-love again and acknowledging the fact that you're "merely human," despite your energetic/emotional sensitivities. 

Remember what's written on your mirror? The positive affirmations? Go check those out again.

I understand that lately, answering and returning phone calls is difficult; frankly, I think you know that you're not a great phone person in the sense that the ringing makes you anxious and having to "call back," is a P.I.T.A. for you --- you do much better with letters and e-mails.

 It's difficult because many of your friends understand this, but many again do not--- and they are better at phone conversing timing than you are. That's okay; you may simply need to remind them that you dislike the phone with a few exceptions (they know who they are ;-)!

I know that this phone anxiety and irritation doesn't apply to friends/family that you've not spoken to in a while; that's super! 

Just make sure that for the others, you let people know via some other response (e-mail, letter, Facebook, etc.) that it's not that you feel disinclined to catch-up with their lives, it's rather the form of communication! 

Try sending an e-mail/letter instead of a returned phone call. It's perfectly OKAY to be an auditory person who gets over-stimulated/exhausted by the phone. 

I also understand that most of your friends know your emergency phone sequence -- if you get two or three calls in consecutive sequence, it means an emergency --- as in they need to talk IMMEDIATELY. 

The problem arises when certain people don't fully comprehend what constitutes a TRUE emergency --- problems of the "same issue," that occur repeatedly are NOT an emergency any more unless a large affecting shift has occurred. 

Don't feel guilty about your irritation when these people call twice and you feel that you know it's a "crying wolf," situation.

You're a fabulous letter writer and a great friend-- but you need your space and time to respond well too! 

The reason folks like calling you is because of your compassionate, warm, understanding and genuine nature. 

You are fairly good at curbing or refraining from judgement; whatever may be privately going on for you, you comprehend that your role is not to judge other people during times of crisis-- which is great! 

You also tend to have good reflexively reactive skills to soothe and aid in the moment -- strengths! Again, people enjoy speaking with you and the phone brings you closer when they're far away. :-D

However, being discriminating with your time is an IMPORTANT thing to do for yourself, especially considering that you're *ahem* in a delicate way.

Nothing is more important right now than the health of your body, mind and soul for the little one who is growing every day. 

It is NOT selfish to let your cell go to voicemail, rather than anxiously abandon whatever it is you're doing to "be there," for other people. 

Remember, your close friends know you quite well and will not be offended if you call them back later (if it constitutes a true emergency) or send them an e-mail when you're not occupied with the trials/tasks of your own life. 

It's terribly kitsch to say, but put your OWN oxygen mask on before assisting others... or you may end up passed out, drooling on the floor with a low pulse and brain-damage.  ;-).

I have also noticed lately that you seem to be having trouble shielding yourself from the emotions of others; listen to me little empath, you're pregnant --- you're sharing, creating and giving more energy than you ever have in your life and that means that there's less left over for the meditative practices that are second nature to protect yourself.

Take deep breaths and take MORE BREAKS if you need to from the energy of others! If you find yourself growing irritated and pissy, it's allowable to simply be excused from the affecting persons or people. 

You have the best REASON (note, I didn't say excuse) to do so: the baby. 

As with all wonderful little parasites from heaven that affect the woman who's their host body: the baby's needs come parallel or at times overtake your own. There is no shame in cutting back while dealing with all of the changes in your body -- the physical being that you're SHARING at this moment.

All your friends, family, clients and colleagues completely understand. They will wait for you, support you and be there when you come back or have more time available. Trust me.

All right, I've talked my own ear off. 

Remember: I love you too.

~ Love