Thursday, February 8, 2018

"If I'm late, it's because I'm dead," - Entrapment

Don't Worry Mom, It's NOT a LIMERICK:

My parents are wonderful humans.
The each have their quirks and their peeves.
My dad must be three hours early.
My mom gets there after he leaves.

My dad rises early each morning.
My mom prefers sleeping in more.
My dad will be dressed, and ready to go.
He'll wait a long time by the door.

When I was a small little kiddo,
My Daddy was always on time.
My mom hesitates, people always wait,
She's got her own pace and timeline.

The stares and the looks made me shudder.
If mom was the one driving me.
Be it practice or school, or a trip to the pool,
I would walk in ashamed, late you see.

As soon as I got my own license.
I got a job working with horses.
We bought a used car, named it Willie,
Then early I was for my courses.

My mom simply cannot do "early."
Our friends have all learned to adjust.
If my family's invited to something,
Then "Warren Time-Change", is a must.

This means that a party at 1:00,
Will be stated to start at 12:30,
Dad and I will show up before set-up is done,
My mom might be on time, she'll look pretty.

Note: I love my parents dearly, but I did feel ashamed being late to things -- it was very embarrassing for me growing up, and once I got my own car, I was only late if my alarm didn't go off, and usually not even then, because I tend to wake up early. I'm not three hours early, like my Dad, but I'm not 20 minutes late either (Momma). My preference is about 10 to 15 minutes early. ;-) The Sweet Spot. If I arrive exactly on time for something, then I feel late.