Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Grey Day, HOORAY! Here's a poem for RIGHT NOW:

Some days feel like fall.

Fall into the spirit of the moment.

Moments are what life is made from.

From outside to inside I take a pause.

Pause life? Impossible.

Impossibilities are a lie.

Lies can drown a person.

People don't often realize or listen well.

Well, at least you're here today.

Today is the time to read between the lines.

Line the inner drawers of your heart with cushions of strength.

Strength is shown in compassion and emotion.

Emotions are not a sin or a crime.

Crimes against oneself or others are all too common.

Common ground is the space between you and the enemy.

Enemies are created; they're fiction.

Fiction is not as strange as the truth.

Truth is subjective.

Subjectivity is every person's experience in life.

Life, in essence, is breath...