Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Been So Long....

It's been so long since last I wrote; quite busy has been life.
My novel's length has moved along, but blogging-- dull the knife.

J's schedule changed, and rearranged our lives seem now to be.
I hope that next semester switches back for him and me.

The good news: in Vermont we stayed and had a lovely time.
With fresh food, rain and laughter all; twixt parents that were mine.

Soon fall shall sweep into the air; crisp leaves and pumpkin things.
The spicy smells, the scarves and bells to toll in winter brings.

My food woes lift and sink again; it's difficult to bear.
Now salads reign; inflam-X shakes and vegan most my fare.

This summer past, not first nor last my choice of happenings is.
To those I saw, or did not see: my love for you I give.

Shakespeare would say, "You'll rue the day!" of shattered timing shift.
Our wedding plans with reprimands, has February slipped.

On Valentine's, my heart be mine, my fellow soon I'll wed.
To think that three short years have past; time happily spent-- fled.

Some troubled thing my mind doth bring up to the forefront now.
Explain in vain and hopeful must I be until that vow.

Oh creatures here, and reading there please know we'll make it through.
There's not that places lesser deeds before the ones ring true.

With this I leave my blog bereaved but with some stronger hope.
Next time I post; it won't be long, I'll use a faster stroke.