Thursday, June 20, 2013

The bestest of dinners...

Some days it's too warm to turn on the oven,

Sitting and sweating as thermostats rise,

Sometimes it's hard just to click on the burner,

Watching the blue flames that dance 'fore my eyes.

Lately I've preheat 350 and left it,

Walked from the kitchen with steps quick and fast,

I sat with a book on the living room sofa,

Thinking, "I'll prep it," avoiding the blast.

Drip golden olive oil into the glass,

Spread it around so it coats every spot,

In go the pasta; sauce; water and veggies,

Now it's all ready and shoved in the hot.

Soon the delicious smell wafts through the house,

Soon I will pull it out, set it to cool.

Thickening sauce, tender noodles and veggies,

Each bite well-balanced and making us drool.

It's lazy and tasty; the easiest thing

How can one not want to munch all the time?

Aromas of roasting veggies; so very "summer,"

Chewing it slowly; life can be sublime.