Friday, May 8, 2015

Let it RAIN!

Let it rain, for I don't mind, the grey sky, cloudy, cooling time.

   Down the drops shall fall and seep, the thirsty ground drinks happy weep.

      Cary Grant is on my mind; last night's movie plays rewind.
         Snuggled up, a cup of tea, a book and blanket, good for me.

            Friday's here, the sweetest day, the most relaxing one for play.

               The light drifts in, as through a fog, which pads through house like foot of dog.

                  Soon shall summer fires alight, to set a warm glow in the night.

               Rain is dewy, windy wise, eat things green and walk outside.

            Taste the air, it has the bite that summer days with salt, delight.

         Ocean blusters in my thoughts, blowing round my body, fraught.
      Dance the dance of roots and trees, digging deep the earth, and bees.

Sing for every blinking thing that's waking up, it's HERE.  The SPRING!