Friday, October 7, 2016

September, October....

Where did September go?
Things are moving fast, then slow...

This is my favourite time of year.
The wind turns brisk and the pumpkins are here.

I am tired, but happy.
I'm nostalgic, not sappy.

There are so many things I want to do.
I have so many goals I'd like to see through.

My heartbeats thud, like the sap in the trees.
Preparing for the colder weather, for the freeze.

Now's baking and reading and nights by the fire.
Smelling apples and leaves, being compelled to conspire.

Take a moment and breathe it in.
Fall into autumn and watch it begin.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Oh, the Air...

Oh, the air, is still, tonight.

The mind's eye fire, burns cleanly and bright.

The wind in the trees, creaks and sways in the breeze,

and my heart beats in threes to take flight.

Oh, the air, is smooth, tonight.

The lovers that kiss, do so softly, and tight.

The water that flows 'twixt the banks and the boughs,

bubbles swiftly with prose from its light.

Oh, the air, is soft, tonight.

The hope flies on wings, past the fear with delight!

If you hate, you'll be lost with the pain and the frost,

for your sad, boiling mad begets spite.

Oh, the air, is heavy, tonight.

The love that flows freely is lit.

From within you shall be, and between you and me,

there is far more to see than meets fit.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Stages of Potty Training:

1) Denial.

"NO! NO, I don't need the potty! I want a diaper! NoooooOOOOOOOOOOO!"

2) Anger.

"The BABY gets to wear diapers. Why can't I wear them! I HATE THE POTTY!"

3) Bargaining.

"I want ice cream BEFORE I sit on the potty, not after. Can I have marshmallows if I poop? I promise I'll only tell you I have to go, if I get marshmallows."

4) Depression.

"I don't want to use the potty any more. The potty makes me sad. There's a monster in the bathroom."

5) Acceptance.

"I used the potty! HOORAY! I'm a BIG BOY! The potty is fun!"

6) Exploitation.

"I want MORE ice cream. I want it BEFORE AND AFTER I use the potty. You want me to keep going on the potty, right?"

7) Hilarity.

"HAHAHAHAHA! I POOPED! I pooped IN the potty! HEEEEE! POOOOP! I can poop and pee IN THE POTTY! MWAHAHAHAHA!"


I may elaborate later, but... you get it, right?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gone Too Long, But Not Back Too Soon. ;-)

I vow to return,
In full swing to write,
For all of my passion,
With a future full bright.

I've been gone too long,
I've missed so much, this,
My outlet, my space,
While my fingers type; bliss.

It's as such, a commitment,
Reaffirmed to the max,
Writing here in my place,
My home library stacks.

Today ends with a list,
Just to hint at what's passed,
"I Feel Pretty," my mantra,
"Take good care," master class.

Green smoothies and sleep,
H2O and long books,
Experiments in femininity,
and new looks.

Thus begins a new chapter,
My two boys feature too,
Maine Coon Cats and cooking,
Some things old and some new.

Let there be recipes!
Also poems and stories,
Perhaps I'll post from my books,
Singing out former glories.

If you've read me or not,
Whether returning, or fresh,
I shall thicken the plot,
Serve my utmost and best.

Take my proverbial hand,
As we wade through tall grass,
Dive down deep in the ocean,
Laugh, but still maintain class.

Fond remembrances glow,
Painted here with my pen,
Find yourself in the know,
Life flows easy, ye ken?

Ideas bursting out,
As a wave upon shore,
Crashing thither about,
Rolling back, forward more.

Fingers on the pulse,
Heart beating the dance,
Wide open and breathless,
Here we go, take a chance!


Mini Update:

-Baby boy #2 is 5 months old today! :-D

-My sweet J had a birthday two days ago.

-Postpartum the second time round has been MUCH better for me.

-We've finally moved in upstairs, but the unpacking continues.

-Our dream kitchen is finished, hooray for Soapstone countertops, Big Chill appliances, white subway tile and quarter sawn oak.

-My almost 2 year old looks like a 4 year old, acts like a 5 year old and is a wise, wise child, but I worry about him wearing his heart on his sleeve (like myself) in a world such as this.

-Current goals include: Letter writing via typewriter, finishing my books, painting a mural in my home office, daily meditation, book reading, record listening, dancing, cooking and singing.

Friday, January 8, 2016

For anyone who has ever been or known a preggo...

Today I thought I'd do a mini (okay, full-sized) rant about how the public treat pregnant people.

Let's talk about some rules.

This includes what TO do and NOT to do around someone who's pregnant. Feel free to share with your friends.

RULE 1:  The ONLY thing that is EVER ENTIRELY SAFE to say to a pregnant lady is:

"You look GORGEOUS! May I carry that?"


"Wow you are so ____ (big/small/basketball shaped/football shaped/insert silly adjective here)___."

I don't know why it is, but it seems that people's brains go to a strange and boundary-less place whenever they see an expecting woman.


Would you walk up to a strange dog that you didn't know and rub it's belly without asking it's human counterpart for permission? If you would, you run the risk of violating trust and being bitten.

Please control yourselves. I know you feel the need to touch inappropriately: rubbing, petting, patting, etc.

You should only touch someone if they have previously given you explicit permission to do so, and you know what? ASK again. Today might NOT be a good idea to rub that belly. You may be growled at, bitten or intentionally injured for your transgression.

RULE 4: KEEP your HORROR stories to YOURSELF.

Horror stories about your birth or pregnancy or someone else's that you "heard," about or "witnessed," are not for sharing in the supermarket check out line.

WHY would you share this with someone who hasn't had her baby yet? Are you TRYING to make her cry or freak her out? It's likely that she's already on a rollercoaster with a side of freakshow, so just shut the heck up.

Unless you are at a birth trauma forum, DO NOT say ANYTHING about ANYTHING relating to birthing a baby unless she specifically ASKS for your opinion.


Asking questions and vomiting an opinion is NOT okay.

"How far along are you?"

"About ___ months/weeks."

"OH! You're  ___showing/not showing/big/small/insert idiotic comment here___  for being that far along. You'll never make it to your due date." (SEE RULES 1 & 2).

NO. Again, simply NO. How would you like to be told that you need to go have a poop right now? Or that you need to practice holding things inside your orifices indefinitely? No one should comment on what a person's timeline is for any bodily function. This goes for pregnancy too.

RULE SIX: NO ADVICE pertaining to WHAT she's putting in her mouth.

Noticing what the pregnant person is eating, and passing judgement, whether positively or negatively is unacceptable.

"Oh, you know, caffeine is really bad for the baby."


"You only need an extra 300 calories a day; should you be eating that chocolate?"


"You shouldn't eat sushi, you could give the baby mercury poisoning."


"Good for you for having that green smoothie."

She doesn't need your opinion. That smoothy could have vodka in it for all you know.

A preggo's cravings or nutritional needs vary from SECOND to second. You don't know what she's dealing with; you're not IN her body after all.

Maybe she has a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (vomiting throughout pregnancy-- NOT morning sickness people) and NEEDS her calories wherever she can get them -- maybe caffeine helps her NOT to have a headache.

MAYBE IT DOESN'T MATTER if she has any condition at all besides WANTING TO STUFF HER FACE, it's NOT your baby, your body or your BUSINESS.


If upon asking about how she's feeling and her mentioning her nausea, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT start going on about the merits of ginger, gingerale and goddamn soda crackers. SHE's HEARD IT, and unless she ASKS YOU expressly for advice, just SHUT UP and nod in sympathy. NOD with your LIPS CLOSED.


"Oh, is this your first?"


"Aw, how wonderful! It's amazing."


"Oh, is this your first?"

"No, it's our ____ (second/third/17th)___."

"Oh. Well, you know what to do."

THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS ASSHOLE! Let me tell you something; EVERY pregnancy is different, just as every human being is different. Just because someone has kids, or is having an additional pregnancy doesn't mean that things are easier this time around. Things may be MORE difficult, or a walk in the park: you don't know, you're not the one pregnant and dealing with life, so STOP JUDGING.


I don't care if you see a NON pregnant person struggling in the store; help them out with whatever they're struggling with, or ask someone else to. Pregnant or not, life is hard sometimes.

RULE TEN: SHUT UP about how SLEEPING NOW is important, because after the baby arrives, she'll never sleep again.

It's entirely possible that heartburn, frequent trips to pee every 20 minutes, or something else are keeping her up at night.

This goes for any partners too -- it may be a sleepless frigging household. You SHUT UP about "sleeping when the baby sleeps," too. She'll do whatever is best for her and her family.

RULE ELEVEN: What she's HAVING is a TINY HUMAN, so no GENDER comments.

"Aw, do you know what you're having?"

"Yes, a sparkly unicorn."


"Oh, do you know what you're having?"

"Yes, a __boy/girl___."

"Oh, and is that what you wanted first?" --- THIS. THIS is STUPID. Why would you say this? It doesn't matter whether or not parents have a gender preference for the first/second/umpteenth child. They're having what they're having. Are you really emotionally invested about whether she wanted one of each or all one gender or one before the other? Will you be offering long-term emotional support if she doesn't get her want? Okay then. Don't bring it up.


"Enjoy any help you get now, because with the next one, people are less likely to help change diapers."

THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Do you KNOW her family, village or support system? No. You don't. Shut up about things that don't concern you and that you have no idea about.


"You know, prenatal yoga can really help ease of delivery."

That may be true, but she may be too tired to do anything except drive to the store for cookies. Don't suggest or comment about her exercise habits or lack thereof. You don't know how she feels at the moment.

This list of rules is in it's early stages... feel free to add any insights in the comments section. We're only scratching the surface people.