Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Someday.... wait, is that really Sunday, and I've been pronouncing it incorrectly?

Swish, swirly, swirl, swish, chugga-lugga-lug-squeeeaky-vrooommmmm..... quoth the washing machine.

BAM-BAM-BAM-bouncy-bounce-BAM-Bouncy-bounce... spake the drier.

BrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrssssssshhhhhhhhhhh... stated the dish washer.

The appliances in my house are communicating with one another and I fear it might constitute the end of me... perhaps they're going to go on strike for fairer treatment...

Maybe I shouldn't have threatened the drier the last time it ate a hole in four of my shirts.... but it's still new really (less than 2 years old) so it shouldn't be chomping down just yet...

Of the household chores, the three I least enjoy, are:

1. Taking out the garbage and recycling to the big bins out behind the house.
2. Scraping the food gunk out of the stopper in the left side of the sink.
3. Emptying the litter box.

Someday, if I get pregnant, the books, doctors and other pregnant women I know, have all said that I won't have to do the last one, because of something called "toxoplasmosis," which is a microscopic parasite that can be harmful to humans.

It is found in the feces of animals who have eaten a rodent infected with the little buggers.

I have read about it, and decided the risk is quite low for us, seeing as how we don't release the lions outside, but hey, if it's safer for J to do it than me (in the interest of the hypothetical BABY of course) they why the heck not?

Well, WOOT on THAT one. Someday...

I could continue on about the lovely mundane chores I perform regularly, but for now, let's just leave it for now.

I was thinking about "someday," while listening to the gurgling, thumping and whooshing sounds emanating from my kitchen (though the washer and dryer aren't technically resident therein, they are in a small closet-type space next to the oven, and really, are part of the kitchen as we never close that door, due to the cats enjoying their warmth and box) and truly wondering what we as humans mean by it.

Most of us begin with something like:

Someday, I'll quit this job and do what I want to do.
Someday I'll be a famous fill in the         .
Someday I'll learn self-defense martial arts.
Someday I'll be able to afford x, y and z.
Someday I'll stop worrying and start living.
Someday I'll be fit as a fiddle, instead of mushy round' the middle.

Someday I'll learn how to play a musical instrument, program the VCR, change a tire, etc. as in someday I'll finish that book I never started, that symphony I can hear in my head, that painting I see behind my eyes, that dish I've always longed to learn to cook...

Someday holds a lot.

It can be an excuse for not finding the courage and bravery to try or do something that has always been out of one's grasp; usually, something inspiring or happiness holding.

Someday, I'll have children... and a dog... and horses... and a farm... and a completely different life than what I have right now.

I think everyone is guilty of a box in the back of their mind, holding a complex system of files under the umbrella heading of "SOMEDAY."

When though, does "someday," become "today,"  and then "yesterday," and then a longing, regretful, it's-too-late thought?

Everyone is aware of the sentiment of "Carpe Diem," which means to seize the day, or in effect, the now, this moment, for oneself.

 Waiting usually doesn't get things done.

 Most folks, can't afford this cavalier attitude... or so they say.

I am 28 years of age. This year I will be 29. Next year, if all goes according to J and my plans, we'll be married 6 months before I turn 30.

By some people's measure, we are "late starters," and this isn't a real source of stress for us, but J often remarks upon the fact that he wished we'd met 5 years ago instead of 2, and that he'd finished school when he was 28 or so, instead of working through it now at 32.

I just tell him that we aren't the same people we were at 23 and 27, and things probably wouldn't have worked out so nicely for us. :-)

After all, despite the fact that I thought "someday," I'd want to have kids, I maintained the belief that I was going to marry the right person for me, and it doesn't matter if I'm 90 years old when I finally find the fellow I want to hitch my wagon to.

Luckily, I found him a little over two years ago; hence the upcoming nuptials... which we're doing not out of any religious significance, but because we think it's safer if one's going to bring kids into the mix.

Honestly, we live together, we have joint checking... we're kinda' already married in spirit.

Moving on...

Someday is TODAY according to my great-grandmother.

Don't do anything that doesn't feel right in your gut, but for Pete's sake (I don't know who Pete is, but apparently he's in danger) don't put off til' tomorrow what would make you happy today!

I'd like you all to know that I modified that statement from Bompie's original (she was my G.G. on my mom's side) which reads: Don't put off til' tomorrow what you can do today.

I don't know when someday is, but J and I are trying to live with the idea that today is the day too. When he or I leave the house, or when we part ways for a time, we always kiss and hug each other good bye.

And I don't mean a lil' peck on the cheek. I mean a real goodbye, or for those of you who are familiar with the world of musical theatre, an 'Oklahoma hello!'

 You never know.

Phantom busses can appear out of nowhere and one of us may not make it home.

I don't really know about what to say concerning "someday." What I do know, is that J and I are trying to put our priorities in order.

We have chickens; we're that much closer to a little farm in the country.
I work for myself; my stress levels and food allergies are easier to manage.
We've set up savings accounts to do things such as; restore a 1942 Chevy truck, purchase our wedding bands, ready for a rainy day...

Life isn't easy. Life can be scary. I don't want to make sacrifices for someday. Planning is good, but it has to be active and not plain ole' wishful thinking.

Now I'm just being redundant and rambling. Time to stop for today.

Besides... the appliances are all about to buzz together to see which machine has the most of my trust before they plan their coup...

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