Monday, May 21, 2012

Hiiiii, I'm not DEEEEAAAAD!

So, it's been a while.

How've you been? I've missed you.

I'm still at 50 pages and holding on my book.

Between extra music rehearsals, hands-on sessions and working on the radio station schedule, my time to write has been compromised.

That's right, non existent. Though I did find time to edit those 50 pages a little...

But now, I am back.

I am rededicated, and it's only May 21st, so I guess that means I've been MIA for... fifteen days... that's a day and two weeks... that's TOO DAMN LONG!

J told me that his friend C told him that HIS lady friend wanted to know when I was going to post more of the novel.

Well... if I knew anyone was reading this lil' blog o' mine, and I knew that the readers like some posts more than others.... I'd know to put more of whatever you like up here. As it stands, I have no idea if this is just floating around the ether, collecting dust-like-particles of electrons, being read regularly by 4 people and 4 people only...

Back to my business. My busy-ness more like...

The book is taking a few different directions. I'm fairly sure I could happily write more than one novel with where I'm going...

Perhaps it will just be a LOOOOONG book... Terry Pratchett style, with everything coming together to resolve at the end.

Or, maybe I'll write one story and then the others in sequence, as in the Pellinor series.

However, mostly what I've been doing lately is: not sleeping; drinking lots of tea; not stretching; not dancing; singing a lot; making a lot of phone calls (ugh); forgetting to cook; remembering to cook; cleaning; driving to the airport; washing things; and performing.

Yay. Me.

Anyway, I'm back now.

Fear NOT!

If you want some more of the 50 pages I have thus far, let me know and I'll post a book update.

I have nothing witty to say today, I admit it.

Nothing. Witty.

I DID miss you though.

Cross my eyes and tongue to my nose--- I did.

So, HAPPY MAY and more to follow.


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  1. She's back!

    You need to work on your book every day. Even if it's only 30 minutes. Just don't consider it to be an option. It's like brushing your teeth. Just do it. :)