Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Crescent Moon Winks in the Waking Dawn...

The crescent moon winks in the waking dawn,
as I look up and behold her.

The lamp posts glow with a golden sheen,
and my footsteps ring below here.

The air is cool and pleasant now,
with a blue-tinged pink arising.

To close one's eyes and breathe in slowly,
the ribs expansion surprising.

There's a misty element to the streets,
and the morning dew's still settled.

I imagine up an ocean breeze,
though I'm landlocked and slightly nettled.

So much change to come, much more change has passed, 
I am living and breathing and holding fast,
I can feel the wind, as it shifts on high,
'There is so much more to learn,' it sighs,
Just remember this, if you don't all else;
The key to all things is: 
To know oneself.

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