Monday, January 27, 2014

We DO NOT Speak His Name:

There's a common feeling that perhaps occurs when someone tells you directly NOT to do something; if you're anything like me (or Curiosity's Dead Cat) you immediately feel the desire to DO said verboten action.

I am writing thank you notes.

Normally, I am crackerjack at this task and I have it done within a week of receiving the gift; unless it's say, a huge bunch (wedding, shower, etc.) and then I give myself a month.

Since our baby has been born (S.T.) we have received several "baby," items.

My recovery from his birth has taken over 2 months, and I am just now getting to the thank you notes; being it January (and most of the gifts having arrived around or before Christmas) I do not think that I am behind schedule, because January isn't over yet.

However, since I have a reputation for writing "lovely," thank you notes, certain members of my family are getting… shall we say, 'antsy' about my completing said tasks.

I had a baby, which is an ordeal, so needless to say, I am taking my time.
I got half done a day ago and I plan to finish them tomorrow.

Every time someone demands I finish writing them, it PISSES me off.

They WILL get done.

"Have I ever not written a thank you note?" I ask.

"No, but---,"

"I PROMISE I will get them done soon. January isn't over."



Why is having patience with myself so difficult?

Anyway… the next time someone starts getting fidgety and wanting to annoyingly remind me to do something, I'm going to shout,


                 and walk off.

Heh. Heh. Heh.

Happy Monday Everybody.

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