Friday, September 5, 2014

The Way the Light Falls... a Practice in Self Loving.

When do I love my body best?

I love my body best early in the morning:

When the silver, feathered strokes of dawn,
 Touch softly on my skin,
Softening my rounds and sharpening my curves,

Painting me as a black and white photograph,

Luscious and smooth and flawless,
Quiet, still and graceful,
Carefully composed and still warm with sleep.

I love my body best in the afternoon:

When the crisp air chills my skin pleasantly,
 Sending goose-bump trails across its surface,
Standing out my shape and framing me with gray sky,

Colouring me in striking and vibrant tones,

Deep and dark and rich,
Brilliant, saturated and clear,
Daringly drawn and rosy with rain.

I love my body best in the quick evening:

When the sparkling sunset seeps through into night,
 And my skin glows as the light leaves earth,
Wrapping around my form with shadows and shades,

Highlighting me with the fading gold,

Full and fair and delicious,
Cool, open and honest,
Elegantly etched and breathless with joy.

I love my body best at midnight:

When the moonlight bathes my skin in liquid silver,
 And contrasts it against the dark,
Shaping my hourglass with fine ink and quill,

Casting me as the goddess beneath stars,

Radiant, fluid and strong,
Seamless, mysterious and fiery,
Freely focused and dancing with power.

North, South, East and West:
shall love my body best,

Promise this, I, to myself,
Gathering the strength of health,

Never will escape my lips,
Words to banish, balk or quip,

I see me, mine own in flesh,
Composed, drawn, cast and etched.

Perfectly, with imperfection,
Sacred despite self-selection,

Faults affect and make me real,
Love, thine own, is what I'll feel,

Only positively read,
Blessings be upon my head.


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