Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A List of Lovelies.

A few things that I take gentle pleasure in at the moment:

The deep green of fresh dino kale and its grassy smell.

The orange sunrise filtering through the window shutters and filling the room with liquid gold.

 The sound of good, dark chocolate breaking into pieces and its aroma as it melts.

The delightful weight of a sautée pan handle on the palm and the glint of silver as it lands on the stove.

The sound of my son laughing as he splashes water in his bath.

The way my family drinks in the sight of my son and his little aura.

The feel of a freshly laundered cotton t-shirt after a shower.

The cool feeling of evening breezes on the skin and the fresh smell of night.

The rich, smooth taste of hot coffee with warmed foamy almond milk.

The smell of my partner's skin just after he's shaved.

The fresh green and nutty aroma of brussels' sprouts roasting in the oven.

The friendly feel of the well-worn pages of a book I've read a hundred times.

The promise of green shoots signaling spring through the melted puddles of snow.

The hint of summer in the lengthening days and glowing mornings.

The dream of a new kitchen and repaired space of home despite the plaster dust swimming around our floors.

The warmth of my husband's family gathering this weekend to share a meal and catch up.

The knowledge that though this great experiment of ours is far from easy, the work it takes is worth doing and I'm becoming a better person for it.

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