Friday, April 3, 2015

Some days you just need some Julie Andrews... or if you've insomnia, a long, boring task...

My son and I recently watched "The Sound of Music," in fact, we've been watching parts of it every few days, beginning two weeks ago... there's nothing like a 1 year old giggling in delight over children playing tricks on adults.

Julie Andrews is such an amazing individual. I could listen to and watch her perform all day and never be bored.  Lately, the list making side of me has been going crazy. Dame Andrews has inspired me to create a list of my favourite things, which I'm sure I'll get around to eventually.

I am most definitely going to get back to writing in general, though we're in the beginning of a demolition in the basement of our house and dealing with dust and the crazy schedules of four adults plus one toddler means making or finding time is a challenge.

Since I find I am unable to sleep this evening (alas, not an uncommon occurrence) I present below, the dichotomy questionnaire I am currently amusing myself with.

Oh the Duality of it all...

1. Sweet or Salty? 
I shall always desire salt. Even on my dessert. 

2. Rain or Shine? 
Rain storms are my favourite. 

3. Cookies with Chocolate chips or Raisins in?
Chocolate, deep, dark and sweet. Though my partner has a fondness for oatmeal raisin cookies... Perhaps we should try them with chocolate covered raisins. Hmmmm...

4. Fiction, or Non-Fiction?
While truth is often stranger than fiction, I choose fiction over non-fiction most of the time.

5. Mountains or Ocean?
Ocean. I deeply long for it and miss it quite often.

6. Day or Night?
Night, unless it's a stormy summer day with heat lightening... or a cool, breezy day with a deep blue sky, not too bright sun and big fluffy white clouds ... or a lovely gray snowy day, or an overcast day with spring rain when the earth smell is rising... or high autumn when everything's crisp and spicy and colourful and brisk....

7. Sunrise or Sunset?

8. Coke or Pepsi?
Coca-cola, or... Dr. Pepper. The Mexican versions without HFCS of course.

9. Plane or Train?
Train. You may move around whenever you want to, the bathrooms are larger and there is a dining car. 

10. Can people change?
Yes, anything's possible. Note that I didn't state whether it's particularly likely or not...

11. Bleached sugar or Natural sugar?
Natural. I dislike fooling with my food.

12. Organic or Conventional?
Organic. Remember when organic WAS the conventional way of growing food?

13. Lead or Follow?
Both. Though I must admit, on the dance floor is the ONLY place for a man to be completely in charge of me.

14. Beer or Wine?
Both, but only on rare occasion, in moderation, and never together for me.

15. Book or Movie?
Both, but I must say, I usually prefer the book. In rare cases, the movie tells the story better.

16. Flats or Heels?
Heels that a body can dance in. Flats if for some reason my converse sneakers would look amiss.

17. Love or Lust?
Love, with traces of lust woven throughout.

18. Coffee or Tea?
Both. Preferably with a good book and perhaps in the same day, but not at the same time.

19. Hot or Cold?
Warmth enough.

20. Work or Play?
Playful work.

21. Socks or Barefeet?

22. Cheap, Fast or Good?
Pick Two.

23. Ketchup or Mustard?
Both, mixed.

24. Noon or Midnight?

25. Dragons or Unicorns?
Dragons. Unicorns are okay too, though.

26. Film or Digital?

27. Black and White or Colour Movies?
Both, but Black and White films will always feel more special to me. 

28. Chocolate or Vanilla?
A Twist. Or, perhaps a maple creamee.

29. Gloves or Mittens?
Convertible mittens. 

30. Glass or Plastic?

31. Yodeling or Opera?
Opera. Though I've not heard much yodeling.

32. Laptop or Tablet?

33. Pencil or Pen?
Pencil, though I love the old-school blue, red and green Bic pens. I also love a well-made fountain pen.

34. Walnuts or Pecans?
Pecans. Walnuts are nice at Christmas.

35. Sunflower Seeds or Pine Nuts?
Sunflower seeds. I dislike pine nuts.

36. Big Dogs, or Little Dogs?
Big Dogs. Don't get me wrong, some little dogs are lovely and sweet. I don't dislike little dogs, but if I had to choose, big.

37. Blue or Black ink?
Blue. I don't know why, but blue.

38. Even or Odd?

39. Silver or Gold?
Silver. Gold's okay at Christmas time though... I dunno' why.

40. Horse or Pony?
Draft horse. Ponies are cute and they can get away with murder if you're not careful...

41. Bees or Wasps?

42. Swimming Pool or the Sea?
The Sea.

43. Cotton or Polyester?

44. Porch Swing or Swingset?
Porch Swing.

45. Cream or Sugar?
Cream. By cream I mean, a vegan non-dairy, unsweetened substitute for cream.

46. Beeswax candles or Soy candles?
Beeswax all the way. Regular, no scent added beeswax too, unless it's real Bayberry for the Holidays.

47. Air Fresheners or Essential Oil Diffusers?
Essential Oil Diffusers, though not often and NEVER the other option.

48. Lima Beans or Tomatoes?
Tomatoes. I've never had a lima bean that didn't taste a bit (or a lot) of chalk.

49. Ice cream with chunks of fruit or nuts?
Nuts. If there's fruit in my dessert, I prefer it smooth and silky, not chunky. Unless of course, the dessert is simply fruit.

50. Blue eye-shadow, or winged eyeliner?
Winged eyeliner.

51. Pasty or Tan?
Pasty for me, because tanning is impossible for my skin.

52. Olive Oil or Canola?
Olive Oil. Canola oil isn't real food and it's horrid.

53. Pancakes or Waffles?
Yes. Preferably with maple syrup, sliced bananas and mini chocolate chips.

54. Whipped Cream or Cool Whip?
Coconut cream whipped (vegan).

55. Hot Fudge or Chocolate Syrup?
Hot Fudge.

56. Smooth or Chunky Peanut Butter?

57. Manual Drive or Automatic Drive?
Stick shift all the way.

58. Red Car or Black Car?

59. Top Bunk or Bottom Bunk?

60. Homemade or Store Bought?

61. Forgive and Forget or Hold a Grudge?
Forgive and Forget but LEARN.

62. Now or Later?

63. Pizza or Calzone?

64. Older Homes: Restore Completely or Remodel Entirely?

65. Fix it or Throw it Out?
Usually fix it, but somethings can be beyond repair.

66. Floor Lamps or Ceiling Fans?
Floor Lamps.

67. Broccoli stems or tops?

68. Fruit Salad or Green Salad?

69. The End or The Beginning?
The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End.

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