Sunday, August 9, 2015

From A to Z about Me. Yes, it's a selfish post... HA!

Somehow I stumbled across some silly survey including the alphabet that apparently has been flitting across some blogger's pages.

It sounds like fun, so I'm going to tell you more about myself, but with a little twist.

I am going to write my own version of this questionnaire involving the alphabet,  which is called "The ABCs of Me," with additional answers that I think are cool.


 The Letter A:

 1) Ask --  I think questions are wonderful things!

2) Age --  I think age is relative.

3) Availability -- Depends on what you'd like me to be available for... ;-).

 The Letter B: 

1) Believe -- Faith in yourself or in something is important. Belief can be an important motivator and humbling thing, just remember to keep your mind open to changing your beliefs or at least re-evaluating them from time to time.

2) Birthday -- November.

3) Best -- Lately, I think the best thing are my son's jokes. Toddlers have a unique sense of humor, and his is developing nicely.

The Letter C: 

1) Compassion --  This is one of the most important qualities, that a living creature can have. Without compassion there cannot be love and understanding; things we all should have more of in my opinion.

2) Chore -- I don't mind chores, but I will say that I detest taking the garbage out of the house to the bin. I don't mind gathering the trash from around the house receptacles, but I hate touching the large outdoor dumpster thing.

3) Colour -- Currently, my favourite colour is Robin's Egg Blue (basically Tiffany Blue).

The Letter D: 

1) Dreams --  I often have vivid dreams and I use them as writing tools or inspirations sometimes. I daydream too.

2) Dogs -- Are fabulous, just like most other animals. Cats rock too! Honestly, sometimes I think animals have more compassion at times than humans.  Another of my favourites are Draft Horses -- such wonderful creatures!

3) Drink -- I don't drink very often, but on special occasions, I'm quite fond of dirty vodka martinis or fresh (no fake mix and not too much sugar) margaritas. I also like a good true old fashioned and I miss a nitro pour dark beer.

The Letter E: 

1) Eyes -- Ah, the windows to the soul. Mine are dark brown with gold tortoise swirls if you stare at them closely in the mirror, which I often did as a child. You can see universes deep within someones eyes! Oceans!

2) Eggs -- I don't eat eggs anymore, but when I did, I loved Eggs Benedict.

3) Ethics -- They are important! I always try to do the right thing.

The Letter F:

1) Favourites -- Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker... hah, just kidding.... I like dark chocolate homemade milky way candy bars.

2) Floss -- Yes, I floss. Flossing is important!

3) Flashback -- I have flashbacks when I listen to certain music that takes me back to a particular time in my life. Ah, memory lane.

The Letter G: 

1) Give --  I'm not great at taking, but I'm getting better, thanks to my wonderful partner.

2) Goals -- I have them. Sometimes I fail, but failing's half the fun! Besides, you learn more about yourself and your process with failing. Failing, is succeeding!

3) Gold or Silver -- Silver. I'm pale and redheaded with dark eyes and freckles and my veins are blue not green, so silver.

The Letter H:

1) Hair -- My hair is thick, curly/wavy and red.

2) Height -- I'm above average, but under 6 feet.

3) Hope -- I have hope for many things in this world. I hope we can love our mother earth and save the whales and other endangered species, for example.

The Letter I:

1) Instrument -- Oh, MUUUUUSIC! I sing (so my body's my instrument) and I was a percussionist for over 15 years, and I also dabble on the piano as well as my guitar.

2) Ice Cream -- Delicious. My favourite lately is Cows Gone Coconut plain ole' chocolate. Though, I think I have famously said, that I'm not committed to chocolate or vanilla... some days you need a twist dipped in maple coating. ;-)

3) Indulgence -- It's important to indulge occasionally. I cook and bake a lot, so I indulge with homemade decadence, usually something salty or sweet or both.

The Letter J:

1) Job -- Massage Therapist, Writer, Actor, Singer, Dancer... the list goes on.

2) Jonesing -- Currently, I'm jonesing for Fall and everything pumpkin. Sadly, it's only August.

3) Justice -- I have a deeply rooted sense of it. If someone is bullying, or being cruel, I step in. I don't feel as though I have a choice, it's just something I do.

The Letter K:

1) Kids -- We have a delightful son and another baby currently on the way...

2) Kilo -- I memorized the phonetic alphabet (Radio) on a trip with my then boyfriend (who became my partner for life).

3) Kindergarten -- I love kindergarten! Sometimes I think adults should go back to it's schedule; I bet we'd be more productive with play time and a nap.

The Letter L:

1) Love -- The best four letter word in the world! I try to express my love for my family and friends daily. The planet needs more love!

2) Living Arrangement -- I live in a multigenerational household.

3) Lies -- I am pretty intolerant when it comes to being lied to. I believe in honesty and being forthright and open.

The Letter M:

1) Music -- The universal language and something I adore! Making it, listening to it, concerts... so good.

2) Motivation -- I need motivation from positive sources. I don't do well when I'm berated all the time ; it doesn't motivate me because I am my own worst enemy when it comes to being hard on myself.

3) Make -- I'm a make it myself gal! I love homemade anything and everything.

The Letter N:

1) Nicknames -- Love, Red, Kiddo.

2) Numbers -- 3, 7, 11, 21...

3) Necessities -- I try to always have the following with me: Water, snacks, pen, notebook, chapstick, calendar and sunglasses.

The Letter O: 

1) Overnight bag -- PJs, jeans, t-shirt, underthings, toothbrush, novel, floss, moisturizer, glasses case, hair tie and wide tooth comb.

2) One -- Fine Daaaaaay... one... boy, one special boy..... singular sensation, every little step she takes....

3) Organic -- Food is the best!

The Letter P: 

1) Pet Peeves -- Long nails on men. Things being put away any old place in my kitchen. People not obeying traffic laws.

2) Pets -- My animal companions are currently two large main coon kitty mixes that we rescued. Someday, we'll have a dog, when our kiddos are old enough not to bother the pooch.

3) Personality -- I strive to be loyal, compassionate, loving, supportive, intelligent, openminded and kind.

The Letter Q: 

1) Quote -- "Eat some breakfast then change the world." - Hairspray.

2) Questionnaires -- Can be fun sometimes.

3) Quiet -- Who doesn't love quiet time now and then? :-)

The Letter R: 

1) Right Handed: Yes.

2) Restricted Diet: Yes.

3) Rosy: Outlook, complexion? Yes.

The Letter S: 

1) Season -- Fall is my favourite, but I love all of the seasons.

2) Secretive -- Yes, I can be at times.

3) Solstice -- I celebrate the solstices!

The Letter T: 

1) Time -- Is relative like age.

2) Today -- Sunday.

3) Trouble -- is my middle name; just kidding!

The Letter U:

1) University -- yes, I went, I studied, I graduated.  Someday I'd like to go to Oxford in England. :-D

2) Uniforms -- I wore one when I went to a private school from 1st grade through 4th -- I am not a fan. They are not "equalizers," they make kids more prone to specifically pick on each other and be cruel.

3) Unique -- Yes, I am unique... just like everyone else. ;-)

The Letter V: 

1) Vehicle -- I miss my Black Pearl, VW Jetta.

2) Vegetables -- Are my favourite! I am not, however, a huge fan of pine nuts or lima beans.

3) Values -- Treating every living thing the way I'd like to be treated; with respect, compassion, intelligence and kindness.

The Letter W: 

1) Worst -- Losing people you love with no warning.

2) Wonderful -- Feeling loved, supported, respected and appreciated.

3) Where -- I'd love to spend more time in few other countries.

The Letter X: 

1) Xylophone -- Yes, I've played one many times.

2) X-Rays -- aren't fun, but they're cool to look at.

3) Xeroxing -- The paper smells good and it's warm.

The Letter Y: 

1) Yuck -- Prejudice of any kind.

2) Yesterday -- Was Saturday! :-D

3) Yelling -- Should be reserved for Sports Matches.

The Letter Z: 

1) Zodiac -- Scorpio.

2) Zoos -- Are extremely depressing and I detest them. Animals should be left in their natural habitats, which should be protected and preserved.

3) Zest -- Is delicious and fun to make! Especially as garnishes or in baked goods.

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