Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Weekends are More Difficult than Others.

Some Weekends...

Alarm doesn't sing, it shouts. 
The time isn't in, it's out.

The plan isn't good, it's poor.
Our feet can't get out the door.

Forgotten is traveling alone.
Mindless a body-like drone.

Too many things left behind.
Strange that we look, but can't find.

Run to the car, scramble in.
The gas light's on E again.

The doctor is waiting for us.
We're trapped behind a great big bus.

No coffee has J had this morn.
I have; he's grumpy with scorn.

We're en route to knife and pain.
Wisdom Teeth removed from main. 

First the nitrous, then the drip.
Into the IV it slips.

J goes out, he seems at peace.
I am ushered to my feet.

Reading in the waiting room.
I feel worried, gloom and doom.

He'll be fine-- I tell myself.
If he's not they'll call for help.

Soon they bring me back to him.
Brightly lit; the room's not dim.

J is groggy, cannot see.
Reaches for my hand, "It's me."

Doc says everything went well.
J can leave and soon will swell.

Lots of rest but please eat food.
Give him drugs to improve his mood.

In a week we shall return.
Follow up exam to learn.

Now must get J to the car.
Weaving, bobbing, it's not far.

Driving home he's feeling sick.
Stomach churning, pain that pricks.

Soon we're home and he's in bed.
Resting softly, propped up head.

Ice packs, pain pills, mushed up food.
Drugs that make him float un-glued.

Swelling cheeks and headache hot.
Rub his feet and soothe his lot.

Cranky, cooped-up, tired and sore.
Advil helps, but not full-score.

Still no sleeping, sweating sick.
Dial up the doctor, quick!

Says it's normal, but if not.
He'll see us; tomorrow sought.

This is how our weekend went:
Difficult, but finally spent.

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