Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yesterday, and Today.

Thank You Neighborhood

Walking through the neighborhood, see the ground upon I stood.... warm.

Drifting through the open air, a garden here a garden there... fragrant.

Temperature is most delicious, cool, clean and quite nutricious... breath. 

Stepping through the sunlight falling, cascades on the pavement calling... wet.

Shadows dancing through the sun, trees that sway and rooted ton... weight.

Glancing all around my body, morning walks are sure a hobby... fresh.

Memories-- things oft and late, flitting through mine peaceful state... soft.

Time is tender in this place, far away from running race... joy.

Feet tread lightly on this walk, see a person stop to talk... meet.

In this purpose hallowed be, blessing rock and plant and breeze... honest.

Opening my door I find, I leave mind distraught behind... free.

Have a care and blessed be, namaste and love to thee... heart.

Religion's not of what I speak, I say nature, take a peek... open.

Breathe in light and sun and air, take your time and have a care... be.

Tend your life as garden weed, pull the strife and feed the seed... trust.

 What you seek you'll surely find, leave the pain and fear behind... see.

On this walk I do declare, fancy is this morning air... here.

Beat my heart and flow my blood, feel the life that through me thuds... strength.

Close my eyes and feel my skin, tickled by the lightened wind... true.

My world is what I make it, aye, life is choosing living by... thought.

Returning home I feel sensated, relaxed, renewed and hurt abated... I shall walk again.


Warm fragrant breath-- wet weight.
 Fresh soft joy? Meet honest free heart! 
Open be. 
See here: strength-- true thought. 
I shall walk again.


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