Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rain Rhymes with Pain, but Please Don't Use It.

I long to feel the rain pour,
My body aches with muscles shorn,
Can't bear to see you any more: Leave well enough alone.
I must needs taste the wet come down,
The water running, swirling round'
Soft, swallow up my heart and drown this hole beneath my breast.
Ears strain to whispers-- thunder start,
Rumbling, rolling deep, to thwart
The thoughts that spaced too far apart make me forget myself.
Commence with the storm,
Weather no surprise,
Raining, drenching cold,
Blood beats warm inside.
Lightening quicken air,
Water take me where,
Cleansing downpour falls,
Crashes over walls.
Heavy liquid lands,
Flows up every space,
Swirls the muddy ground
Floods into this place.
Black and inky torrent,
Drips on every surface,
Maddening the torment,
Quelching in its purpose.
Soak my skin and bones,
Slick me like the stones,
 Fly through night, mine-own; I shall lift my light.
Climb atop the bridge,
Stance upon the ridge,
Toes sink in the pitch; Worlds shine bright below.
Wingspan stretch- full spout,
Fingers spread fanned-out,
Open armed about; Laughter burbling up.
Liquid strip my clothes,
Beat upon my flesh,
Wash away my woes,
Help clean up this mess.
Pitter, patter, pound,
Leaping from the sky,
Raindrops make the sound,
Waves crash by and by.
Seek my soul sustained,
Drench me to the core,
Hope interred remains.
Rivulets keep score.
Deafening the sheets,
Fill me to the brim.
If this love repeats,
Take my heart from him.
Wrap me in the rain,
Steep my soul that's stained,
Fill me up again; Stars mix with the rest.
Slap the streets so black,
Rivers, streams attack,
There's no looking back on this broken bit.
Slicing through the air of night,
Trees sway forth and into sight,
Winds that whip with all their might; Silence is the rest.

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