Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oh How The Wind Blows...

The dark red screen door keeps banging against the deep golden brown wood of our front door.

 Today is blustery and cold, but the sun is out and shining.

All the snow from the dusting of last week has melted, and the air has a clean, earthy, wet smell that I associate with spring.

Easter has come and gone, and still, we have had more snow. :-)

I am pregnant.

I have been quite ill due to a disagreement between my specialist and my gynecologist involving supplementation which turned out to be completely unnecessary.


Not simply morning sickness, but constant nausea and 24-Hour vomiting, mood swings, weeping, aches, pains and feelings of being entirely overwhelmed and helpless while worrying whether what I'm doing is for the baby's own good.... the end is in sight.

Life is funny.

We got married in February, and pregnant on the first try (after thinking that it might take us a while to conceive). I should have known (and I did really, deeply down) that since we chart, we had more information than most. Thank the universe that we don't have to use hormonal birth control! Now we've proven to ourselves that the fertility awareness method (NOT to be confused with the ridiculous "rhythm method") works for birth control AND getting pregnant. At least for us it does.

Oh, information --- it's all in how you use it.

 School House Rock (unpack your ADJECTIIIIVES!) had it right with the phrase:

"Knowledge is Power."

The screen door keeps banging gently...

 I am reminded of the winds that come and go...
The airs and breezes that swiftly slip and twirl across the lands, and meadows...
Which glide up and encircle the mountains, whistle through the trees in the forests... whip through basins and valleys and which skim along the skin of the water...

The future cannot truly be told; not for certain. Even the mystics living alone in caves, or the wise people of the tribes, the soothsayers and gypsies and madams of the world cannot certainly read tea leaves, signs, palms or crystal balls... the reason for this is as follows:

Only one possibility is clear to one searching person at any given time, while truly infinite possibilities coexist simultaneously in every sphere of existence.

Or so I choose to think, being a sensitive myself...

To me, it is also important never to take life for granted.

Things are never what they seem, unless confirmed by the resonance of the heart -- the surety of the gut feeling or the confidence of the input and analysis of the brain when connected with the entire spirit.

My soul is the same and yet different... and I feel as though I am part of the wind;
Flying, flitting all over the place,
Whispering and seeking information, but never hearing a complete answer.
All is not lost, all is somehow found... but not entirely understood.

Such is life, and so is the wind.

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