Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cool, Clean and Under the Clouds...

We woke at 5:00 AM, had our snuggle time on the swing, J left.

I re-entered the house to put the dishes away, start a load of laundry, empty the dryer, clean the kitchen counters, read a chapter, return e-mails...

Chores done, I poured myself a second (larger) cup of tea with organic almond milk and stepped outside.

The air was crisp and clear this morning.

6:26 AM: Time to walk.


If I close my eyes, I can hear the symphony of birds, bees, insects, water, wind, grass... 

If I open my heart, I can feel the energy singing through my veins, my blood whooshing with every beat...

If I close my thoughts, all I notice is my breath, flowing in and out seamlessly from the atmosphere to my lungs...

If I open my hands I can feel the fluid-like air trickling between my fingers and around my body...

If I close myself, I can feel my chest tighten and ache with worry...

If I open my love, I can feel the warmth in my belly rise up to meet the warmth of my heart in my ribs...

If I open and close my energy I can feel the change it causes in my center and sphere, the affect it has on everything I touch, think, speak or act upon.


Who knows what lies ahead for this world of ours?
Who else can feel the shifts in the energy of the universe so minutely?

How many changes both negative and positive are singing a wake-up call?
How will we realize that the time is now?

When will our actions speak louder than our words to save this planet?
When will we learn that we cannot fight nature; we are part of it?

What will be the deciding factor to light the fires within our individual souls?
What will be the ultimate cost of the mistakes and waiting?

Where have we come from to misunderstand ourselves?
Where are we going to gain further truth of the universe?

Why are the ideas that can help so simple and yet, so difficult to implement for all?
Why can't we all make an effort to understand each other and get along?

Are these things possible?


6:59 AM: Time to stop wondering.


Love is my reason,
           my quest,
              my hope,
                my insight,
                    my purpose,
                        my message,
                          my power.




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