Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Edge and Teeter-Tottering...

My heart sits on the edge, 
Leaning slightly back and forth with every beat,
Am I going to fall?

I feel the edge's sharpness; a knife's gleaming quality,
Beneath my soft heart's exterior,
If it beats too strongly, will I be cut?

They say "Don't look down,"
When one is on the edge,
What if I must?

Behind my eyes, my soul is burning,
Brightly lit for all to see,
Something deep inside me stirring,
Reaching out from within me,

Pain is crinkling all my edges,
Loss is staining them with age,
These things crack because they're past,
Now I live beyond the sage.

Old familiar things are crawling,
Near the edge I balance on,
I'll sit still with breath and calling,
My life's blood to keep me strong.

Teeter-totter, my heart shifts,
Back and forth and back again,
Balanced forever?

My hands are warm and glowing,
Heating energy, showing light,
Can I help myself?

I will fall, I know it,
Determined, I'll see the hope above and below,
I'll land on love.

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