Tuesday, September 3, 2013

To Write By Candlelight:

   "Why do I have these dreams about my friends?" I wondered to myself, absent-mindedly pouring the still fairly hot kettle over the dregs in the filter.

Watching the remains of cinnamon and coffee swirl together I took a deep breath. The oils dancing on the sides and top of the cone, I felt... wistful and slightly troubled.

Lately, I'd been dreaming about a certain friend in particular; someone whom I'd seen fairly recently, but not gotten the chance to talk and catch up with. 

This person has a habit of being quiet; only not around me.

This person has a habit of saving smiles; but not around me.

This person can seem reserved to most people; not with me.

This person and I have a history - a comfortable one that we've worked hard to maintain as friends.

I bear this person no ill will, but love and care about them. 

I have known this person since I was about fifteen, and usually we communicate pretty well.

I am worried about this person because in my dreams, the energy that keeps popping up is slightly sad or wistful, distant and resigned --- and it's NOT MY ENERGY. Perhaps it's not theirs either --- maybe it belongs to someone around them...

       Lighting a small beeswax tea light and placing it in my red candle mug, I sipped my less than half a cup of weak coffee and sank into a kitchen chair, biting my lower lip.

       "I'll write a quick e-mail... I don't feel like texting at 5:00 A.M," I whispered to nobody in the kitchen.


I've always had energetic connections to the people I'm close too --- when someone pops into my awareness, consciousness or dreams (randomly into my head at all really) I reach out to them.

I think the universe has something to do with these seemingly sporadic reminders to either stay in touch, or that someone needs to know that they're loved and cared about.

It doesn't always happen right at the moment that my loved ones need me; but sometimes I reach out at the exact moment when someone's having a wonderful or difficult time and I get to share the love with them.

If you're worried about someone, or simply thinking of them at all; go TELL them you care about them!

Life is too short not to do so. 

Besides, it doesn't matter whether they're having an amazingly good time in their life, or if they're down in the dumps or plain old bored with mediocrity... knowing someone loves you makes EVERY THING BETTER, NO MATTER WHAT!

To all my loved ones who aren't close by me at the moment: I LOVE YOU!

 Please, don't ever forget this simple truth.


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