Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Labyrinth of Life:

A day to sit and read in the rain,

The fragrance of wet flowing through the screen door,

The gray and dark light covers again,

Movement within my base, rolls round my core,


There's something about sounding out typewritten keys,

A melody clicking and clacking in sotto,

To write brings me high but then down to my knees,

I long, but feel anxiously challenged; my voto.


A winding tattoo rolls across my eyes,

The twisting and turning of magical marks,

A weaving of destined and endless surprise,

My flickering candles shine light with their sparks.


A secret unfurling is before my soul,

Sweet whispers of strength call me to.

Soon solstice will pass and I'm thrust at my goal,

My body like oceans, will wave, curving true.


I'm tempted and thankful and wait with my own,

Time passes and flies, but still crawls.

My face set against, leans on coolness of stone,

My lips fluid moans recompense.


New life floats inside, small being glowing green,

The aura pulses strong and immense,

Very soon this universe welcomes body unseen,

Newborn babe you will quicken; emerge.


Beat strongly my heart, this adventure's begun,

Words will flow, music strains to the ear.

Only love and the moon cycle sing to the sun,

First of all, enter here without fear.


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