Friday, August 12, 2016

Oh, the Air...

Oh, the air, is still, tonight.

The mind's eye fire, burns cleanly and bright.

The wind in the trees, creaks and sways in the breeze,

and my heart beats in threes to take flight.

Oh, the air, is smooth, tonight.

The lovers that kiss, do so softly, and tight.

The water that flows 'twixt the banks and the boughs,

bubbles swiftly with prose from its light.

Oh, the air, is soft, tonight.

The hope flies on wings, past the fear with delight!

If you hate, you'll be lost with the pain and the frost,

for your sad, boiling mad begets spite.

Oh, the air, is heavy, tonight.

The love that flows freely is lit.

From within you shall be, and between you and me,

there is far more to see than meets fit.

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